Burpengary Regional Aquatic Leisure Centre


Visit the Café

After building up an appetite in the gym or swimming pools, be sure to visit the Café. The crew pride themselves on delivering you freshly prepared, healthy and delicious food to enjoy daily and keep a healthy lifestyle.

The Café is ideal for whatever your day may bring, whether you'd like to enjoy a quick coffee with friends, a scrumptious lunch overlooking the pool or even a quick bite to eat after your workout.There's something for the whole family to enjoy at the Café.

Café Features

  • Alfreso café
  • Extensive menu
  • Healthy eating options
  • Catering provided for events

Cafe Menu
Food Menu                                                                                                  Drinks Menu
Chicken / Ham Wrap          $6.5                                                                                        SM        LG
Sweet Chilli Wrap               $7.5                            Flat White / Cappuccino / Latte    $4        $4.5
Salad Wrap                          $5.5                                                                  Long Black    $2      $2.20
Sandwiches                          $5                                                             Hot Choc / Chai   $4      $4.50
Cheese Toastie                    $2                                                                    Assorted Tea  $2.20
Raisin Toast                         $1.50 Each                                         Caramel / Vanilla Shot  .70c
Hot chips                             REG         LG                                                                         Cold Drinks
                                              $3.5         $6                                                600ml Soft Drink         $4.50
Spring Rolls                           .50c Each                                                              Gatorade          $5.00
Potato Scallop                     $1 Each                                                            Charlies Juice         $4.50
Chicken Chips                     10 for $5                                                                    Iced Tea         $4.00
Meat Pie                                 $4.2                                                          Cool Ridge Water  SM $3.5
Chicken and Vege Pie          $4.2                                                                                            LG $4.00
Dagwood Dogs                      $4                                                                           Slushie      SM $3.00
Sausage Rolls                         $3                                                                                              LG $3.50
Sauce                                      .30c Each
Banana Bread                       $3
Caramel Slice                        $4.2
Brownie                                 $5
Muffins                                  $3


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