Squad Swimming

Squad Training

The BRALC Squad Program consists of three distinct levels of instruction.  Training groups are arranged into levels according to the swimmer’s abilities.  The coaching staff assesses all swimmers in order to determine the appropriate training group. 


Gold Squad

By this stage the swimmers should have eliminated any technique deficiencies. Assuming this to be true, the number one priority for this level will be centred on a highly specialised physical conditioning program. Mental training and race preparation will also be emphasised to a greater extent than any other level. Efficient technique skills will continually be reinforced throughout the season. A greater degree of specialisation is required at this level of training. During the specialty phase of training, the program will be divided into the following groups: 

  1. Sprint Group (50 and 100m specialists) 

  1. Middle Distance 200 and 400m specialists)  

  1. Distance (800 and 1500 specialists)  

  1. Open Water (5km, 10km and 25km specialists) 

Silver Squad

Although a greater emphasis is placed on physical conditioning at this level, the top priority continues to be refinement and development of good technique.  At this stage of training all swimmers should be able to swim each stroke with sound technique, assuming this to be true it is appropriate to introduce the following: 

  • Individual Medley Phase  

  • Aerobic Phases  

  • Speciality Phase  

  • Adaption Phase 

Bronze Squad

The number one priority at this stage is skill development.  A relatively high degree of effort will be devoted to good efficient stroke development including a range of drills as opposed to physical conditioning.  As well as refining strokes the swimmers will learn and practice the butterfly stroke.  Dives turns, training routines e.g. interval training with pace clock and sprinting are also a priority. The medley phase of training is introduced in this group.   

Belgravia Swim Team

Belgravia Swim Team is a competitive swim club operating out of Burpengary Regional Aquatic & Leisure Centre, for swimmers from BRALC. We offer club nights on a regular basis and attend swim meets regularly. It is recommended our competitive swimmers join the club. 

Contact the club via email: secretary.belgraviaswimteam@gmail.com  
Facebook: @belgraviaswimteam 

Belgravia Masters Swim Team

Belgravia Masters Swim Team is a club for adult swimmers 18 years and over. The club is affiliated with Masters Qld. and Masters Aus. The club offers training and competition in a form that promotes the Masters motto of “Fun, Fitness and Friendship”. 

Masters swimming offers the opportunity of regular interclub competition, State and National Titles, Pan Pacific Masters Games and various Masters Games around the country and overseas. 

Contact the club via email: BelgraviaMasters@outlook.com 

New members are always welcome

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