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Top Tips for completing your first TRIX3 event

28 Oct 2021
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We know that completing your first triathlon can be a daunting experience, that’s why we have created the TRIX3 Indoor Triathlon series in partnership Triathlon Australia! This provides you with the opportunity to partake in a triathlon without the stress of swimming in the open water or riding a bike on the roads. Taking the first step can be hard, so we have created our top tips to help you kick start your triathlon journey!  


  1. Getting Started 

When training for your first Triathlon, it is important that you start off slowly, at a pace that is comfortable for you, consistency is the key to building long term health and fitness. Be sure to spread out your training across all three disciplines to help with an even load on the body, as well as training all areas.  


  1. Healthy Eating 

Eating a healthy diet of quality whole foods while reducing (or eliminating) your intake of sweets, refined foods and alcohol, are the keys to healthy eating. Healthy eating provides the body with the nutrients to support both training and recovery. Incorporating proper nutrition into your everyday life in the lead up to the event will leave you feeling energised and more motivated to continue on the journey. 


  1. Share the Journey 

Do you know what’s better than exercising alone? Exercising with a group of friends! While an Indoor Triathlon is an individual journey, you’ll find the journey to event day can be highly social and positively contagious. Hanging out with a group of other like-minded individuals is the best way to maintain excitement and motivation. Ask around at the Centre to see if anyone else is taking part in the upcoming TRIX3 Indoor Triathlon event and tee up some training sessions with them. 


  1. Time to Train 

If you are new to Triathlon training, we recommend that you start with about 20 - 30 minutes of exercise 3–4 times a week (every second day). That's all it takes! It is a great idea to share the time between all three of the triathlon disciplines so get an even training across the board. That being said, if you are more confident in one of the disciplines compared to the other two, we would recommend focusing on your weakness in the lead up to the event, so you are balanced across all three legs. 


  1. Rest & Recharge 

Taking the time to have a rest is good for you and allows the body to recover following exercise. We would recommend having a rest day every two to three days when training for your first Triathlon. This will allow your body the time it requires to recover, which will help prevent being rundown and potentially getting injured. It is also a great idea to incorporate some self-massage and stretching sessions into your weekly routine as this assists in muscle recovery. 


  1. Plan 

Pencil into your diary or planner what discipline you plan to train and when, as well as when your rest days will be. This will help you to keep on track and not get flustered when you don’t know what you should be doing.  If you need assistance, speak to one of our friendly team or join the TRIactive program, if it is being held at your TRIX3 venue. 


  1. Support 

The Lifeguards at our leisure centre are here to help. To assist you in training safely, ask the lifeguard which lane is appropriate for your level and speed of swimming. Along with this, one of the friendly Gym Instructors can help to get you set up safely on the spin bike. Ask them to assist with the correct seat and handlebar height and how to change resistance. This will make you comfortable for your ride. You can also get the Gym Instructors to show you how to use the treadmill safely. They will help you to get started, change the speed and incline plus, when and how to use the emergency stop. 


  1. Training Gear 

Having safe and comfortable exercise gear is important. Quality running shoes that fit your foot size and running style can greatly enhance your running comfort, while also preventing injury. Some lightweight shorts and tops are also a great idea to help prevent overheating in the gym. It is also a good idea to have some goggles and a cap if you require one on hand for when you are doing your swim sessions. This will make it easier and more comfortable for you to swim in the pool.  


  1. Training Support  

Training support is available through the Triathlon Australia TRIactive program. The 6-week training program is for people looking for a challenge and some structure to reach the end goal of a triathlon finish line. Lead by an accredited Triathlon Australia coach, the small group training environment will make training for your TRIX3 event fun, whilst building up your fitness, skills and confidence in each leg of a triathlon; swim, bike and run. Find out if your TRIX3 venue is running the TRIactive program www.TRIX3.com.au  


Not registered for the upcoming TRIX3 event? Secure your spot now at www.TRIX3.com.au  

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